The Outer Worlds

Release date 2019-10-25
Developer Obsidian Entertainment, Virtuos
Publisher Obsidian Entertainment, Private Division
Players 1
Videos 15
Alternate names The OuterWorlds

The Outer Worlds is a first-person PC RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is published by Private Division, Take-Two Interactive's independent developer support arm. The game was announced at the Game Awards in December 2018; Earlier this year, Obsidian registered the trademark for The Outer Worlds. The game was developed by developers Tim Kane and Leonard Boyarski; Kane described their collaboration as a combination of good-natured humor and dark glee. “In 2017, even before the game was announced, Boyarsky said he was happy to work with Kane - they previously collaborated on the development of Fallout and Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, and Boyarsky skipped games like this,“ deep ” single-player role-playing games with many options, consequences and abilities of the world "reagironavidik"; he thought that the new game should appeal to all those players who loved the old Boyanikos and Konay The game takes place in the future in a fictional sci-fi universe. The player takes on the role of a frozen spaceship passenger sent to the newly founded colony of Alcyone on the outskirts of the galaxy. It turns out that after awakening the colony has long been captured by humanity, the character of the game, like his comrades in death, is frozen for 70 years. The local resident who saved him promises to save the other settlers, but the player can cooperate with him in this matter and transfer the savior of the evil society "Alcyone" as a reward. On Alcyone, the game's character is involved in a threatening colony conspiracy involving several gangsters. The colony consists of two planets - one has been terraformed and made more habitable in the rear, and the other is a wild world with dangerous wildlife. Shortly after the start of the game, the character's own spaceship is used in the in-game space - it allows you to move between different locations in the game, is used to store collected items and serves as a home for the game character. game and his comrades.

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