Portal 2: In Motion



Release date 2012-11-06
Developer Sixense Entertainment
Publisher Valve Corporation
Players 1
Alternate names P2IM
Expands the game

Portal 2

P2IM features 20 test chambers that progress in difficulty from tutorial to advanced levels. Players choose to play as either Atlas or P-Body (the robots borrowed from Portal 2), and use new motion features like 1-to-1 control of objects, Portal Surfing (moving and reorienting placed portals) and scaling cubes. When used in conjunction with familiar features imported from Portal 2 (such as Excursion Funnels, Hard Light Bridges), the possibilities quickly multiply. Because Sixense is focused exclusively on developing motion content, we believe that we can deliver new experiences that will get gamers excited about motion gaming – P2IM is just the beginning.

Source: The Developer Website.