Mass Effect

Mass Effect - a computer game in the genre of action-RPG, developed by BioWare and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2007, the first part of the Mass Effect series. The game was originally released only for the Xbox 360 game console; a Microsoft Windows version of the game was released in 2008, and a PlayStation 3 version in 2012.

The development of the game was preceded by the great success of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in 2003. In the meantime, Microsoft intended to boost sales of its Xbox game console by releasing an exclusive blockbuster game for it. To do this, the company relied on the developers of BioWare, who had to invent a new universe of space opera for the future game from scratch, with special emphasis on high-quality graphics and an abundance of dialogue. which make the game feel like digital cinema.

According to the plot of the game, in the XXII century, mankind has mastered the technologies of superluminal flight, including the massive effect introduced into the name of the game, and came into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Mass Effect is a single-player RPG game in which the player controls Commander Shepard from a third person perspective. The protagonist, Captain Shepard, becomes a Specter - a special agent in the service of the Interstellar Council of the Citadel - and with a group of comrades, earthlings and aliens, visits various regions and star systems of the Milky Way. In the course of the game's plot, Shepard and his team, pursuing the traitor Saren, face a real threat to the galaxy - the Reapers, an ancient civilization of intelligent machines.

Upon release, the game became a bestseller and helped popularize the Xbox 360. Mass Effect has received many awards and accolades. Critics praised the quality of the storytelling and graphics. The role-playing component of the game received more limited feedback. In addition, critics have noted the strong resemblance between Mass Effect and many science fiction films and television series, especially Star Wars.

A large fan community has formed around Mass Effect, which has created a lot of fanfiction and a few short films. The success of the game was accompanied by some scandals, in particular due to the presence of erotic scenes.

In 2008 and 2009, two DLCs were released for the game, which added new places to visit and quests not related to the main storyline. Subsequently, two sequels were released, Mass Effect 2 (2010) and Mass Effect 3 (2012), forming a trilogy about the adventures of Captain Shepard (a). In addition, many comics, 4 novels and the Japanese animated film Paragon Lost were created based on the game.

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