Half-Life: Alyx


Release date 2020-03-23
Developer Valve Corporation
Publisher Valve Corporation
Players 1
Videos 15

Valve Half-Life: Alyx is a first-person shooter computer game built on Game Engine 2 and was released on March 23, 2020 on the PC operating platform. This is the first game in the Half-Life series, after more than 12 years of hiatus since Half-Life 2: Episode was released in 2007. The action takes place five years before the start of the events of Half-Life 2. Alyx Vance and his father, Eli Mionasiki, Events of Mionasiki However, Eli notices a strange structure in the quarantine zone of City 17, and this leads them to capture the Alliance forces and capture two prisoners. Another member of the Resistance, Russell, manages to save Alix, and he reveals that Ali will eventually be able to save Alix, and he reveals that Aliodravansi eventually enters Alix after taking a pair of gravity gloves and a pistol from Russell. In the quarantine zone, the azode of the gloves and the pistol, Alyx enters the quarantine zone, sittyp Tototok. On the way, she is joined by an eccentric Vortigon, who warns her that Eli is not meeting. After crossing the quarantine zone, Alix, along with her father, derails the train and then forces him to force the train. Eli tells his daughter that while in custody, he learned that a strange structure in the quarantine zone is called the "Shelter" and that the Alliance is keeping some kind of superweapon there. Vortigaunt accompanies Eli to City 17 to decipher the date of the Alliance with Russell. Eli asks Alix to find the Shelter and unload it before the Unification replaces him, before the Unification replaces him, before the Unification replaces him, before the Unification replaces him Alix helps the surviving human Larry to defeat the mutated alien survivor Larry. Alien-Mutated Alien Alien Alien Alien Arri Defeat the Mutated Alien Alien Alien Then he contacts Alix and warns her that what is stored in the "Vault" is not a weapon - in fact, it is what even fear unites. Alix continues on his way, believing that if Eli's words are correct, then what Eli's words will be true in The Vault, if Eli's words are correct, then what will Eli's words be? 'Eli at the Vault Upon reaching the Vault, Alix hears a certain informant contact the Alliance advisor and announces that there is a survivor from the Black Mesa in the Vault. Eli, who contacted her upon learning of this, said it could only have been Gordon Freeman, who passes through the structure's security forces and ends up in a safe. Inside, she finds a kind of high-tech room and opens it, but instead of Gordon Freebinant of Cord Freebinant, the shy G-Man thanks Alix for freeing him and offers his services. Alix asks to remove the Alliance from Earth, but G-Man replies that it is impossible due to his "sinking vibrode". He offers her another option - he takes Alix far into the future, where she actually ends up in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and is seen crying over the body of the slain Alliance advisor Eli in the helicopter hangar at the base of the White Grove. The G-Man rewinds the time before Eli is killed, after which Alyx uses her Gravity Gloves to kill the Counselor, thereby saving Eli. However, the G-Man reports that Alix fully proved that he was able to do this earlier than the previous "employee who could not or did not want to complete his mission" (when the G-Man says this, Gordon Freeman appears in the shadows behind him). .. Then the G-Man leaves, leaving Alix trapped in stasis just like Gordon. The credits are followed by an epilogue in which the player finds himself in the body of Gordon Freeman, who wakes up in a hangar in the White Grove after the last moment of Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

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