Fallout 3

Release date 2008-10-28
Developer Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher Bethesda Softworks, LLC
Players 1
Expands 2
Videos 14
Alternate names Fallout 3 Survival Edition

Fallout 3 is an open-world action / RPG video game that is the third game in the Fallout series. The game was released on October 28, 2008 in the US, October 30 in Europe and Australia, and December 4 in Japan. In Russia, the game is localized by 1C. During 2009, five add-ons to the game were released, which were published in Russian by 1C.

Fallout 3 takes place in the same post-apocalyptic world as the rest of the Fallout series, from 2277 to 200 years after the nuclear war of 2077. As in previous games in the series, the Fallout 3 network of underground shelters built by Vault-Tec should save part of the American population from the consequences of the war. The protagonist of the game Lonely Wanderer spent her childhood in orphanage number 101, separated from the outside world, near Washington, the capital of the United States. Washington and its environs, destroyed by nuclear war, represent an open world in which the player can freely travel, independently finding new interesting places and tasks. Unlike previous games in the series, Fallout 3 allows the player to control the character in real time from the first person, and the game includes elements of a shooter; Special system "V.A.T.S." allows you to stop the fight to select a specific enemy and a specific body part to attack. As you gain experience points, the player can improve the character's qualities and unlock new abilities, which makes it easier for him to explore the world.

After its release, Fallout 3 received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and received several Game of the Year awards from various publications, and in the following years Fallout 3 was included in the list of the best games in history. Critics praised the game's open world and, in particular, the flexible character system; Observers pointed to technical errors that were particularly painful in the console versions [⇨]. The game was a huge commercial success; Only in the first month after the release, 610,000 copies of the game were sold, and by 2015, the cumulative sales of Fallout 3 exceeded 12.4 million copies on all platforms. In some countries, such as Australia, India and Japan, the game is self-censored for various reasons, be it drug use or nuclear weapons.

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