Fallout 2



Release date 1998-10-29
Developer Black Isle Studios
Publisher Bethesda Game Studios, Interplay (Video Game)
Players 1
Videos 1
Alternate names Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Fallout 2 is an open world PC RPG developed by Black Isle Studios and released by Interplay Entertainment in 1998. This is the second part of the Fallout series. Despite the fact that the game's engine has practically not changed compared to the first part, thanks to the detailed study of the game world and the plot, the sequel managed to surpass it in popularity.

80 years after the events of Fallout, the isolated village of Arroyo, founded by the Vault Dweller, began to decline. New strength was needed to breathe life into the fields. The village elder sends the chosen one to the desert for the miracle of pre-war engineering technology - GECK, Garden of Eden Creation Kit - GECK, Compact Edenic Trees Generator; the unlicensed versions also use translations of "Group of Edenic Construction Components" and "KosoGoR" - "Heaven City Creation Kit"), created so that residents of the emerging shelters can start a new life.

Fallout 2's engine has undergone several changes compared to Fallout, so the gameplay is almost identical to its predecessor. However, the game world has been enlarged compared to the first part. The game's plot expands as you receive and complete quests. Quests are tasks that appear in front of the player during the game or are transferred to him by other characters. There are several hundred quests in Fallout 2.

Completing the initial quests in Arroyo does not require much effort and, rather, serves to prepare the player for future difficulties. At first, the Chosen have very meager patrons and a small amount of money. He was given the first task and he marked the location of the nearest city on the world map.

Over time, the player can get access to the car - Chrysalis Highwayman, which significantly speeds up the movement around the world map and can store items in the trunk. It can be improved as the game progresses. For example, if you leave your car unattended in New Reno, a group of people will steal it. Upon meeting them, it is revealed that they have increased the Rogue's trunk. Then you can forcibly return the car, pay for it, or just return another time. Later in Fallout New Vegas, his remains are found in a large radioactive puddle, apparently after the Chosen One did not need him on an oil rig, he was captured by marauders, defeated and abandoned. as a result, a small location "The scene of the robber's accident" appeared.

Although the gameplay of Fallout 2 is designed for more than a hundred hours of playtime, the authors accidentally or intentionally gave experienced players the ability to quickly review the game. This playthrough takes 40-50 minutes of real time, but is unlikely to be used by experienced players (unless you need to quickly equip a character to explore a certain part of the game) who prefer to just enjoy the world.

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