Civilization V

Release date 2010-09-21
Developer Aspyr Media, Inc., Firaxis Games, Inc.
Publisher 2K Games, Inc.
Players 1 - 16
Expands 2
Videos 8
Alternate names Civilization 5,
Civilization V: Campaign Edition,
Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V is a turn-based strategy computer game, the fifth part of the Civilization series. The game was developed by Firaxis and was first released on September 21, 2010 for Microsoft Windows in the United States; for Mac OS X the game was released on November 23, 2010. As in other games in the Civilization series, in Civilization V the player creates and develops his own civilization from Antiquity to the near future.

As before, the city remains the main center on which the events of the game unfold, and around which the struggle of civilizations unfolds.

Cities can hit enemy units from a distance. It looks like a built-in non-removable remote unit. The defense of the city is additionally strengthened by the deployment of a garrison of a ground combat unit. A warhead, a non-warhead, a ship and up to ten aviation units can be located here at the same time.

When capturing cities, the player has a choice: annexation, creation of a satellite, destruction or liberation. The last when this city was previously under the rule of an enemy state. It is worth noting that if you free a city that belonged to a previously destroyed civilization, it will return to the game with the level of development that was before its completion.

The player is not allowed to directly control satellites (puppet cities), but satellites pay taxes to the treasury of the metropolis and provide access to territories and resources, and also do not affect the mood of the city. population as during annexation.

The destruction of the city does not happen instantly, but happens several times, during which the destroyed city is part of the civilization that captured it with its population, surviving buildings, expenses, etc. Although the end result is irreversible, the destruction process can be stopped at any time. At the same time, the original capitals (the very first city founded by the corresponding civilization) of the defeated powers, as well as any city-states that are capitals by definition, cannot be destroyed. It is also impossible to destroy the established cities with your own hands, except in the case when they will be thrown back after being captured by an alien civilization. Thus, the cities of the capital class, as well as their own, never occupied by the enemy, are among the indestructible. Sacred cities (that is, cities where the religion was founded) also cannot be destroyed. Cities that cannot be destroyed can create difficulties in planning the development of an occupied territory.

Unlike previous versions, in Civilization V, each cell (including cities) can contain no more than one combat unit and no more than one non-combat unit. This means that, for example, a cell can contain an “archer” unit and a “worker” unit, but not two “archer” units. Units can move through occupied squares, but movement must end in an empty square. This radically changes the planning and conduct of hostilities, bringing them closer to reality.

There are no longer separate transport ships in the game. Instead, after researching a certain technology and acquiring an ability (for units created before researching the technology), all land units crossing the aquatic plants are automatically loaded onto their own ships. Aquatic units can destroy these ships with a single blow, and when attacking from the sea, ground units are penalized.

Each civilization has either two national units, or one national unit and one building (upgrade). In the original version of the game, 18 civilizations (great powers) and leaders with their characteristics are available for selection. Unlike Civilization IV, each nation can only have one leader.

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